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Welcome to the DIY Wedding by Cherished Blog

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Just to introduce this blog but first a little about me - I've worked in the wedding and events industry for over 20 years now and I have done my fair share of DIYing events! My husband said in his speech on our wedding day "If she could have built the venue, she probably would have"

I wanted this to be a platform to help people.......

Now I know DIYing is not for everyone when it comes to your wedding day and it doesn't always work out cheaper (and that really depends how much you value your time!)

but I'd love this to be a platform where I can help couples look at ways they can add DIY elements to their wedding. I'd like to be able to give you the tools and teaching so you can look at doing parts yourself (and hopefully save money in the process).

I'd also like to share other wedding couples DIY stories to give you inspiration and ideas for your own wedding journey and finally I'd like to help other wedding industry suppliers by shouting about what you sell that could help couples in their DIY journey - it may be that you sell raw materials or perhaps you can teach couples to do it themselves?

Either way this blog is here to help inspire wedding couples and hopefully help everyone.

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