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Make your DIY Vinyl Decal Wedding Sign in 10 easy steps.

So as it's coming into wedding season I thought I would write about making your own wedding sign and if you have an old mirror, a sheet of acrylic, wood or glass then it's fairly easy to do this yourself and make it look professional!

Mirror wedding welcome sign

1. Some couples choose to buy a cutting machine to do their own wedding DIY like a Cricut or Silhouette machine, if you do not have a cutting machine go to point 4.

Once you have designed the wording on your design programme (making sure the letters are not too thin and the font is a reasonable size) you then need to load the vinyl onto your cutting matt to be cut, I use Vinyl Frog products and on a Silhouette machine I use settings Blade 1, Speed 5, Force 10 and Passes 1.

Weeding the vinyl wording

2. The next part is weeding out the vinyl you do not need, this is all of the vinyl surrounding the letters and the parts inbetween the letters, I use a sharp weeding tool or you could use a metal object with a point.

3. Once I am left with the letters on the backing tape I then stick transfer tape over the top being careful to line it up straight and flat against the lettering being careful not to cause creases or bubbling. Use a soft edge scraper or a credit card to run over the tape to make sure it's stuck and remove any bubbles.

Use a soft scraper on your DIY Vinyl Decal Sticker

4. Click here to order your customised wedding vinyl decal stickers.

5. Measure the wording you will be sticking and also measure the board you are sticking too. Carefully line up your wording so it's straight and where you want it located - I use masking tape as guidelines.

Measure your DIY wedding sign wording

6. Now this is the tricky part, remove the backing tape so the wording is stuck on the transfer tape only and then carefully lay it onto your board (wood, glass, mirror or acrylic). Once it is laid you cannot move it so if you are not confident then ask a 2nd person to hold up one edge so you can lay it carefully.

7. Use a soft edge scraper or credit card to push out the creases or bubbles pushing out from the middle towards the edge.

8. Remove the transfer tape carefully and again use your soft edge scraper or credit card to push out any small bubbles.

9. If you are using glass, mirror or acrylic then use screen wipes to remove any finger prints.

10. Voila your DIY vinyl decal wedding sign is ready.

Beautiful acrylic wedding welcome sign with flowers

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