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My Own DIY Wedding Story

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

So as it's coming up to 16 years since my own wedding, I thought the best way to start this blog would be to share my own wedding DIY projects all those years ago.

We got married up in the Highlands of Scotland and I literally DIY'd the life out of my own wedding, I had a year from engagement to our wedding day and it felt like a creative challenge to make as much as I could. So what did I DIY you may be thinking?........

1 - My Hair Jewellery, I made this beautiful tiara from wire, pearls and Swarovski crystals. I also made a pearl and crystal hair clip.

2 - Our Wedding Cake - Ok so I'm no Baker and I wouldn't dare try to make my wedding cake but what I did was buy 3 plain tiers from M&S and then I found a local cake supplier to make some sugar flowers so I could decorate the cake myself.

3 - The Wedding Decor - so I obviously made all the stationery, the placecards were flat with a gold border and rose details and then we found these little metal heart holders and my husband sprayed them gold. The menu's were matching and we found beautiful frames in TK Maxx.

For the centrepieces I spent ages making flower wands made out of gold wire, pearls, Swarovski crystals and ribbon and these made lovely gifts for all the ladies to take home with them after the wedding, for the guys we sourced miniature whiskies from a local distillery. For the decor I also included single white roses and candles (the candle holders and vases were from IKEA) and I found lovely mosaic round mirrors from IKEA too. I made napkin holders out of gold wire into a heart shape. I sourced some gold chiffon material from a local haberdashery and the night before the wedding myself and my friends were busy cutting the material into sashes for the chairs which again had a single rose placed into the back of each one.

4 - The Entertainment - A friend of ours had some DJ equipment and we knew another friend who could play for us so we hired a van and drove the whole lot up to Scotland ;)

5 - Hair and Makeup - Another friend was just starting her beauty business so she did my makeup and between her and another friend we did my hair.

So that's my DIY efforts for my own wedding, what about your wedding? Did you DIY any part of your special day? I'd love to hear about it and share on this blog to inspire other couples.


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