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Make your own DIY wedding pallet style table plan

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

This beautiful DIY wedding table plan is a real showstopper and goes really well with a rustic style or barn wedding (and is actually not that difficult to make!)

In the past I've always used actual pallets and painted them white which will work if you have a barn hosting your wedding as that rustic style looks perfect. However last year one of my wedding couples asked to have this kind of pallet table plan in a Manor House and I just couldn't envisage me setting up a rough pallet in such an elegant venue! So I actually made one out of smooth wood and made it small enough so it would fit on a sturdy easel.

Now I'm not suggesting you make a pallet but if like me you can't find a pallet suitable for your wedding venue, then the one I made last year is available to hire here

The next part is adding the hanging plant pots, I bought these from my wholesale wedding supplier, however most larger online market places like Etsy, Ebay or Amazon have these available, just make sure the hook is large enough to fit on the pallet. I also hire these with my pallet if you'd prefer not to buy them.

Now comes the fun part, fill the hanging plant pots with a variety of flowers - you may want to ask your florist to bring some extra stems of your wedding flowers for the table plan pots or if you are doing this yourself then add a mixture of stems at varying heights and filler smaller flowers like Gypsophila works well along with larger blooms. Remember if you are setting this up many hours before the wedding then make sure you have a small pot of water in each hanging plant pot or moist oasis to keep your flowers fresh.

Next add your table plan tags one to hang from each pot. To secure your tag to the pot, tie either ribbon or twine to the hanging table plan tag and then secure to the edge of the pot with a mini peg. To purchase DIY hanging table plan tags please click here or if you would prefer to buy the table plan tags already made, please check out my "Wedding Day Stationery" page.

For more DIY wedding advise, DIY stories and DIY suppliers follow along for weekly updates.


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